Brad Sewell is Cool

August 29, 2009 at 9:11 pm (Footy) (, , , , , , )

IMG_0491Brad Sewell, you don’t fake free kicks, and you are always in the rough hard stuff being battered every week, not on the outside running through players. Hopefully Lloyd will retire and his memory to those outside of Essendon supporters will be that of a Mark Yeates.  At least Mark Yeates was thought of as a tough player not a poser taking dives to get a free kick. Matthew Lloyd you do not come close to James Hird when playing the game, but in his quiet way, Brad Sewell does, just plays the game tough, gets the hard ball and with a big heart.

Footy rules have changed for the better when it comes to that type of contact.  There were reasons behind Buddy’s bump, Cousins was upright, running with the ball, changed directions not full on running at someone bending with their head over the ball.

Ten minutes before the final siren Sewell sat on the bench and was man enough to shake hands after the game, trainer by his side and often reaching out to him for support.


IMG_0495Brad Sewell is a better person than me because I do not know if I could have shook Lloyd’s hand after the game.  How nice is it to see just what Sewell meant to those top core players at the Hawks and Campbell Brown.  Sewell must be a great guy. Brad Sewell is my favourite Hawk but I have never met him I just like the way he plays and his story to get where he is. Each week he takes on one of the best in the opposition and very rarely is beaten.

I would just like to say what a great person Adam Ramanauskas (now Essendon’s runner) must be when he went over to Max Bailey to give him support after his knee injury.


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  1. morrice1951 said,

    Brad Sewell is definitely cool.

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